Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Claudia greeting Inspiration at Sea

The first Cruisers Rally to El Salvador began officially today. The first five of almost sixty entries arrived in Bahia del Sol and more cruisers are staged to leave Huatulco on the next weather window. The first boats are Chula, Inspiration at Sea, Sirens Call, White Rose 1, and Waltzing Matilda. The major sponsor, Hotel Bahia del Sol has also hired an official rally hostess, Claudia Olviedo. Her job is to make sure that all the cruisers needs are met, helping with check-in and organizing weekly cruisers events. Claudia even accompanied the bar pilot on his jet ski to bring the boats over the bar.

Owner Marco, Claudia, Vicky and Rudy

The hotel hosted an opening day party with drink specials, ice-cold local beer, and an endless supply of snacks. The owner of Hotel Bahia del Sol and his management staff attended the party and each said that they were committed to showing everyone a good time.

Party time lead by Claudia

Sandy of Volo enjoying a little drink

The giant $50 swag bag for each boat.

Having a good time

The day after the party a few of us took our dinghies up the estuary to unspoiled La Herradura. After a few cold ones at the municipal pier and a huge shrimp $4 shrimp plate we ventured into town in search of the wood fired ovens of the local bakery. The workers invited us in to take pictures and, of course, we purchase some nice sweets for breakfast the following morning.

The Herradura municipal pier

Yes, four dollars!

Everyone was very happy to see us and many shouted any English word or phrase they knew. One nice fellow could only say “Huston, Texas” but he said it more than once. We cruised town enjoying the welcoming atmosphere before stopping for a last cold one at the pier.

Fresh today.

There is a good chance the seafood is fresh also.

So we have a new countdown timer on the blog letting you know how much time is left before the big party. 

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