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Here's the latest scoop since API officially took over Marina Chahue. The new English speaking harbormaster and a lady named Patricia who has been here for at least a year run the marina. Patricia does all the money stuff and has a working knowledge of English. An ex-pat, John aboard Pelican  has been here for 1 and 1 /2 years is willing to help. John has a van and is happy to help with jerry cans to the Pemex, propane.  Also, an "all-cruisers-friend" named Lorrie  Zuzek, the unofficial ambassador for Huatulco, lives nearby and is more than happy to provide tips and suggestions or even show you around the area. She can be reached by cell phone 951-134-8383 or by email at

The marina has a number of slips to 50’ and a lot of 35 foot slips. Be sure to call the marina on VHF 16 because a lot of boats are tied across the empty slips making it impossible to dock without someone to take the lines off.

Taxis from the marina to both Santa Cruz and La Cucecita are a standard $20 pesos

You don't need to check in here with the Port Captain as you are already in MX.

To check out: The day before you think you might leave. If leaving on a weekend start Thurs as the Port Captains office charges double time for Sat or Sun. ($100 usd)

1. Get a letter from the Marina that says you have paid your bill. Patricia does this all the time, no problem.

2.Go to Port Captains office in Santa Cruz after 9AM—if you go earlier all the locals are getting permits for the cruise ship stuff.

Take Letter from Marina, a copy of boat documentation or registration, your Crew list from last port ,and a
new crew list for International Zarpe.

Cost for us was 206 pesos and the port captains credit card machine was broken. So he took cash just because his machine was broken otherwise if machine works and you want to pay with cash, have to go to the bank 3 blocks away.

The port captain will give you a form to complete which repeats all the same info you just gave them plus info from your Temporary Import Permit like engine # and kind of engine, # of pistons, etc. They will enter this info on an official looking document and send you over to immigration located around the corner. At immigration you take those papers and a copy of the picture page of your passport--both sides and same for FM3 if you have one, or your tourist card when you came into Mexico.
Immigration ladies speak English. They will stamp the papers and forms, tell you when they will come to the boat, and then send you back to the Port Captain for his signature. If he's not available they will tell you to come back later or tomorrow. We told Immigration we were leaving at 3am so they would come out to the boat by the day before we left. If you tell them you are leaving the next afternoon they might not arrive until 8pm. So--plan accordingly. Customs will also come to your boat to stamp your papers. They also speak English. We informed Patricia when we were back from the Port Captains office and Customs showed up an hour later.

So that’s the scoop on Huatulco. More than likely there will be other cruisers there to answer your questions.

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