Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hobo cutting a nice wake.

In the last week or so we had eleven arrivals into Bahia, Mita Kuuluu, Stolen Kiss, Windfall, Cloudy Bay, Hobo,Royal Albatross, Natalie, Moonshine, Waltzing Matilda, Lanikai, and La Paloma.  In the spirit of keeping things exciting Moonshine and Windfall let their wives take the helm over the bar.

The afternoon "net" in progress.

Henry of Cloudy Bay having a hard time enjoying the pool.

After arriving we didn't waste much time hitting the newly renovated pool.  Some of the surfer types immediately treked over to the ocean side to check out the waves.  The Thursday happy hour is officially open as well as the Sunday pizza night.

Jean of Mita Kuuluu enjoys a frozen paypaya (con ron)!

After a little decompression seven folks decided to explore the estuary and make their way up to La Herradura for a little shopping and a quick meal at the municipal dock.

The dock guy in Herradura had his work cut out for him.

Janis and Henry of Cloudy Bay found good prices at in the open market.

Five bucks for shrimp enough for two at the Herradura wharf.

For all you folks getting ready to make your way down here don't worry we will leave plenty fun things for you to enjoy (unless you take too long).  We have some more new prize updates that we will post soon. 


  1. No problem..............we are enjoying our stay here in Santa Cruz and hope to leave tomorrow!!!!
    See you soon Lue and Claes S/V WhiteShell

  2. Good morning from Puerto Chiapas. All four vessels arrived yesterday from our passage of the BIG T!!!!! Fueling up today and paperwork tomorrow with plans of departing as soon as we can keeping in mind the tides at your end.