Saturday, February 19, 2011


Everyone has a different idea

Eight rally boats departed Huatulco Feb 17 on a 3-day weather window.  The above shows the various average routes taken.  Those who hugged the coast had some nice land breezes but had to contend with shrimpers and fishing lines.  Those who opted for straight across or a modified version of straight across had some favorable currents to help them along.  In the end everyone arrived within 3 hours of each other and no one had any weather issues.

This is what a nice weather window looks like.

We all arrived around 7 am and overwhelmed the Navy inspection process.  They finished checking in the last boat at 1300.  The first boat inspected received a good looking over with the dog and one marinero going through a few drawers.  By the time they reached the last boat it it was just paperwork.

The happy fleet enjoying some cold ones on the beach.

We have more to report later about Puerto Chiapas but right now we want to say that the officials could not be nicer and we're sorry to say that the opening of the new marina is bogged down in the permit process. 

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LEAVING CHIAPAS:  You should time your departure so you can arrive in Bahia before high tide but be aware that they can not bring more than 5 boats in during one tide so if you are traveling with a group we think it would be better for some to either go ahead or stay behind in Chiapas so you don't have to wait outside the bar at Bahia.


  1. Thanks for the insight!!! It is great to chat with you all on the nets as well and know that you are all very encouraging.

    Just arrived in Acapulco and hope to buddy up with s/v Ria Nimpkish today; departing tuesday...oh! soon we will be the ones looking for the window.

  2. Yes the Picante net is getting busy! You will like Chiapas because it is pretty authentic here compared to the rest of Mexico.