Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Mooring field viewed from the yard

Island Marine is located just a mile from the hotel.  The owners, Murray and Colette Barrett have given us four half-priced moorings as prizes.  If you win one of the prizes and stay on one of their moorings ($5/day) the second month will be half off. 
Their moorings are pulled and inspected annually.  After the season the moorings are taken out of the water and stored in the haul-out yard.  Each mooring is 3000 pounds with half-inch mooring chain.
Included with the mooring is a weekly opening and airing of your boat (if you are not living aboard) and if you want to remove and store your sails, electronics, etc you can do so for free in their metal bodega.  For a minimum charge they will perform other reasonable chores like wiping down the inside or checking your batteries.  The moorings are guarded nightly by an armed guard with a very large spot light.

Travel lift and storage yard

The yard also operates a 30-ton travel lift and is capable of hauling up to six-foot draft.  Haul-outs are tidal dependent so, if you are in a hurry you are out of luck.  Haul and launch is $10/foot and labor is $30/day per person and no layday charges for the first week.  If necessary, boats can be stored on the hard (same price as moorings) but you have to remember that your boat will be living in a jungle with all the little creatures. 

Carlito and Jairo laying on the paint.

Island Marine does not take reservations for the moorings but not to worry, they always have enough or they make more.  Haul outs do need a reservation but they only take them after you have arrived in Bahia.

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