Sunday, December 2, 2012


A rare moment of relaxation

Well things are starting to heat up for the 2013 rally.  The organizers were seriously delayed getting to La Cruz, Mexico and were forced to cancel the La Paz seminar.  Hopefully, we can reschedule before the end of January.  In October we had the chance to meet some of the latest Baja Ha Ha group in San Diego.

This year we added a nominal $66 entry fee, created a larger welcome package, and designed a rally flag.  We created our new “Rally Host Port” project that includes three marinas where entrants will receive discounted rates and other benefits or sponsored activities.  We hope to add more marinas to the list before the beginning of February, 2103.

Our first free rally seminar is scheduled for December 6, 10 am at the Palapa restaurant located on the isla across from Marina Mazatlan.  Eric & Sherrill, the authors of Sarana’s online cruising guides will also attend and talk about traveling Central America. The next seminar will be in La Cruz December 19 in the Marina La Cruz VIP room.  Of course we will have some fun door prizes and light refreshments/snacks.

We are going to continue with our Just Water project and you can check the latest on the Just Water page.  This humanitarian project directly helps the local island families to obtain clean water.

Be sure to click over to our new website to get all the details about the rally.

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