Monday, March 14, 2011


The banner says it all.

Dateline: March 12, Bahia del Sol, El Salvador....  The rally kick-off party lived up to cruisers expectations, lots of fun, food, pool, and refreshements.  Seventeen boats were in attendance.  Two rally boats who stayed here from last years' rally also joined us.

Gringo soup with a few Canadians added for flavor.

The party started out with a cool dip in the ocean-view pool with folks comparing notes on their trip down from Mexico.

Rosie, John & crew Linda from Serena Ray.

Later we all ajourned to the second floor palapa restaurant where everyone received their welcome packages.  The large, rally-logo bags were filled with some nice gifts like rally T-shirts, hats, flags, lotions, etc.

Owner Marco with wife Claudia (l) & hotel manager Augustin & Jean from Mita Kuuluu.

We all say "Viva El Salvador!"

Logo gift bags.

The hotel provided a DJ and dance instructor to liven things up.  During the whole party we played a game called "you can't say no" (you had to be there).  Young Ben aboard Lisa Kay was the winner after three hours of intense competition.

Ben promised to share with his parents.

Ari from La Paloma talking with the port officials.

Also in attendance were the port officials stationed at the hotel and one of the heads of the port district, Delmy Castanada.

So, now events and activities begin for the next seven weeks.  Monday March 14 we all have a tour of the estuary aboard the hotels' power catamaran.  Tuesday we have a pool/happy hour at Acajulta restaurant located a mile up the estuary.  Check the "Dates" page to see all the other events happening.

We hope to see more of you real soon.


  1. Tivoli will be there asap, planning on leaving PV next week for a swift passage......

  2. Thanks, Bill and Jean, for a great welcome party, and for all the helpful tips and resources you've been providing to your fellow cruisers. It makes it so easy to be down here, I can see why people get caught in the 'vortex' of this place!