Saturday, January 22, 2011

Puerto Chiapas - New Rally Host Port

Puerto Chiapas-good changes for cruisers

We've been working for a few months with the port folks in Puerto Chiapas for them to become a rally host port.  Although we have not worked out all the details we feel that it is pretty much a done deal. We added a new information page which talks about the port and what they are offering all of us.  We've had good reports from rally folks who recently stopped there.  Check out the new page.


  1. This would be awesome in terms of convenience in so many ways. We are planning an early March T-pec crossing so if Enrique stays on track, we will definitely take advantage of the arrangement.

    Thanks so very much for all your hard work on our behalf!!

  2. Fantastic news as we were planning to stop there for land travel and clear out of Mexico. Hopefully all will be sorted by the end of Feb. Thanks to all those who have gone before us and made our way south easier. Much appreciated.

  3. we also express our appreciation for all of this as we hope to be underway by end of February.......making a few stops in Mexico before we hit the BIG T!!!!
    Thanks for all the postings and the SSB check in. You are all very encouraging for us first timers.