Thursday, May 6, 2010


When the pilot says make black smoke Teal Sea obliges.

Teal Sea following the pilot boat

The latest bunch of rally entrants came over the bar this week. Four in one day: Trumpeter, Calypso, Rhumbline, and Teal Sea. Rhumbline wins the prize for the fastest crossing…18 knots! The largest boat entered into the rally is Phantom boasting 88 feet long and 21 feet wide. Be sure to ask us to tell you the story of her arrival.

Everyone earns the tee-shirt.

A few days prior to Phantoms’ arrival we watched as little Ganymede with Ben, Danielle and their three little kids pretty much sailed (literally) over the bar. They only have a six-horse outboard so the sails gave them the extra speed cross. As of May 6 we are expecting three or four more arrivals.

Tica Bill having a real happy hour.

The local net...any emergency traffic?

The kids always have a good time.

"I want to live at the pool!"

Cruisers supplied services.

Of course, the red carpet has been out for everyone with plenty of activities to keep everyone as busy as they like. We have a local cruisers net that occurs in the hotel pool around 4:30; Thursdays are especially happy because it’s happy hour at the pool still with two-for-one drink specials and $1 appetizer; and Sundays are reserved for pizza day with all the rally entrants receiving a special price.

View of Phantom from the other bar.

Just sign for everything.

The hotel is making the final plans for the cruisers party on May 15 and the owner promises we will not be disappointed. If you managed to miss the rally just keep coming back to this blog and we will keep you up-to-date on all the fun.

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