Monday, November 30, 2009


Jorge Martinez

The owner of Tourin tours, Jorge Martinez announced that he is providing a rally prize consisting of a day tour for two on one of his six tours. These tours are very popular among the cruisers both for their content and attractive price. Included in the tour are a fully bi-lingual guide and air-conditioned 8-passenger van transportation. Although the prize is for two people it doesn’t preclude you from inviting some paying guests along to enjoy your winnings.

Coffee Plantation

A good example of the type of day tour Jorge provides is the Ruta de las Flores (route of the flowers). If you savor the aroma and taste of a good cup of coffee then the highlands are the places to visit! The 3000’ altitude makes for the perfect conditions for growing gourmet coffee. Ataco and Apaneca the treasured coffee farms are the producers of the best quality coffee beans. Ruta de las Flores includes a tour of the Volcano nurseries from where exotic flowers are exported. Also you will visit Nahuizalco an indigenous town where you can visit the “mimbre” handicraft shops to see the process and the skills of these so creative artisans.

Artisan Shop

Jorge is the top rated tour guide in El Salvador. He worked for many years with the El Salvador Ministry of Tourism before opening his own guide service. He still consults with the government on tourism development. Tourin also provides multiple days, multiple country tours as well. To see all the tours just click on the sponsor link. Jorge reminds you that you can customize any tour or even design your own.

On the Ruta de las Flores

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