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Bahia del Sol is the local name of the rally destination and is named after Hotel Bahia del Sol that is located inside Estero Jaltepeque. The estuary is accessed from the Pacific by entering through Boca Cordoncillo. The hotel is located less than ½ mile from the entrance. Built in 1997 the large, upscale hotel spans the Costa del Sol peninsula and has restaurants, swimming pools, and bars on the ocean and estuary sides. The hotel also has a totally equipped marina with a capacity of 48 yachts, a casino, and sports fishing concession. The hotel sponsors an annual international sports fishing competition and has now added a cruising rally. Other services offered are Wireless Internet, dinghy dock, garbage collection, bagged ice, and bottled water.

Cruisers enjoying happy hour

Cool off in the pool & enjoy a refreshnment

You can anchor in good holding almost anywhere along the estuary but most boats anchor near the hotel. The tidal estuary is made up of over a dozen islands and has many miles of twisting, turning waterways ready for exploring. Flood and ebb currents average three knots at maximum current. To the south the estuary joins the Rio Lempa, El Salvador’s longest river. To the north a quick four-mile dinghy ride takes you to the quaint and unspoiled El Salvadorian town of La Herradura. The town has an open market, restaurants, and many small tiendas.

Vendors with fresh vegetables

Most Salvadorian women wear these aprons

Salvadorian girl curious about Americans

 Along the main part of the estuary you will find numerous boat-up restaurants featuring seafood specialties like delicious deep fried fish. A 10-minute walk or 5-minute dinghy ride from Bahia takes you to the small beach resort village of La Puntia that has a spectacular view of the bocana. You can observe boats transiting the bar while you enjoy a meal or refreshments in one of the two-story restaurants.

It's a short walk to La Puntilla

One of many restaurants

Yes, that's the MSRP for beer!

Seafood specialties abound

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